Realistic and Accessible Performance Testing

Preserve Your Brand Image

  • Nine out of ten users are not coming back after a bad experience.
  • Slowness, bugs or outages have a negative impact on your brand image.

Secure Your Marketing Investments

  • Ensure your website will support the peak of traffic generated by your marketing actions.
  • Sustain your business growth by testing your applications scalability.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

  • +7% is the average conversion rate improvement by reducing the response time by 1 second.
  • E-commerce websites lose billions of revenues due to poor performances each year.

Optimize Your Infrastructure Cost

  • Size it close to your needs and save on servers cost.
  • Anticipate hardware upgrades thanks to capacity planning.

Improve Your Ranking

  • 1.5 seconds is the response time considered as slow for Google.
  • The response time has an impact on your SEO ranking.
  • Only 28% of users are going on page 2 on Google.
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Our recipe

To get the most of your performance tests.

Realistic Virtual Users

Realistic Virtual Users

  • OctoPerf reproduces complete user journeys through the application.
  • It stimulates the full stack of your infrastructure, from your frontend to your databases.
  • No URL hammering. To efficiently push your whole infrastructure to its limits, we simulate realistic behaviors.
Load Testing Made Accessible

Load Testing Made Accessible

  • Optimize time and money for your performance testing infrastructure. Simulate thousands of users in just a few clicks.
  • OctoPerf offers 70% of the major load testing tools features for a fraction of the price.
  • Easy to use from design to analysis thanks to a smart GUI. No code needed.
Performance Testing as a Service

Performance Testing as a Service

  • Online virtual user creation and design, no installation is required. Check your application quality with performances metrics available even as your tests are running.
  • Really ensure that your application can handle users from any location using any device.
  • Test On-Premise applications thanks to a simple agent to install on your machines while keeping benefits from OctoPerf features.
Personal assistance program

Personal assistance program

  • Individual demonstration of OctoPerf available on demand.
  • Free trainings included in most of our plans to start performance testing smoothly.
  • Consultancy services to run your test campaigns and benefit from our expertise.

Why OctoPerf?

Because our Kraken can wreck any kind of ship!

How it works

Performance test your web, mobile app or REST API in 3 simple steps.

  • Design VU

    1. Design a Virtual User

    Simple and Realistic

    We made a great effort to allow designing dynamic behaving users easily. Import a Chrome or Fiddler HAR file or just select the URL of your website to start scalability testing quickly.
    Design VU
  • Run Load Test Scenario

    2. Run your scenario

    Define the number of users, simulated devices and network conditions.

    Define the provider (Cloud or On-Premise), the number of users, simulated devices and network conditions. Scale up to one million users on our Cloud load testing infrastructure powered by Amazon. Know your webpage speed from anywhere, from any device.
    Run Load Test Scenario
  • Analyse Test Results

    3. Analyze Test Results

    Find bottlenecks quickly with our real-time performance reporting system.

    Get actionable statistics for every single request like response time, connect time and more. Spot the issue and fix it quickly. Create meaningful analysis reports even as your load test is running.
    Analyse Test Results
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A modern and innovative Graphical User Interface, that is simple et efficient to use. A complete SaaS solution to help you save time.

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