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Lift your Apache JMeter™ experience or smoothly start with load testing.
Codeless scripting, Cloud and on-premise injection, server monitoring, live analysis.
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OctoPerf is the first full Web user experience in the load testing market: easy as a Cloud solution, complete as an on-premise one.

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Preserve your brand image

Preserve your brand image

Measure your application scalability and performance before it impacts your users. Regressions, bugs and slownesses negatively affect your brand image and customer engagement.
Easily switch from JMeter™

Easily switch from JMeter™

OctoPerf fully supports Apache JMeter™. There is no migration effort from JMeter. You can import any JMX project into OctoPerf and export it anytime: No vendor lock’in!
Industrialize your load tests

Industrialize your load tests

Save time thanks to OctoPerf’s intuitive UI. Launch more and better tests. Performance test easily becomes a shared knowledge inside your company.
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Key Features

OctoPerf provides an A to Z load testing service for web and mobile applications. Experience the best of legacy tools for a fraction of their price. Simulate the realistic behavior of users browsing through your application. Launch hundreds of thousands of them coming from all around the globe or from your own server infrastructure. Cross monitoring metrics with performance values to quickly spot bottlenecks.
  • Full Apache JMeter™ support.
  • Codeless scripting engine.
  • Collaborative work using Workspaces.
  • Cloud & On-premise load injection.
  • Free & unlimited server monitoring engine.
  • Live, customizable, and exportable analysis reports.
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Why OctoPerf?

Because our Kraken can wreck any kind of ship!

How it works

Performance test your web, mobile app or REST API in 4 simple steps.

Design VU
Design VU

1. Design a Virtual User

Simple and Realistic, become a load test specialist in no time.

Based on Apache JMeter™, OctoPerf is a SaaS and On-Premise solution. Nothing to install, no code to write.

We made a great effort to allow advanced design of users. The learning curve is progressive, with our Guided Tour, documentation and videos tutorials.

Import a Chrome or Fiddler HAR file, any JMeter JMX project or just select the URL of your website to start load testing quickly.

Monitor infrastructure
Monitor infrastructure

2. Monitor your infrastructure

Pre-configured and unlimited, OctoPerf’s Monitoring is the best tool to identify performance bottlenecks.

Retrieve the metrics from your servers with OctoPerf and cross them with the performance test metrics while a test is running.

With this feature you have a complete overview on the key metrics of a performance test. A great asset to easily identify bottlenecks.

Thanks to our Docker agents, the monitoring configuration and installation is as simple as a single shell command.

Run Load Test Scenario
Run Load Test Scenario

3. Run your scenario

Define the number of users, simulated devices and network conditions.

Scale up to one million users on our Cloud load testing infrastructure powered by Amazon and Digital Ocean. Load test behind the firewall using the Enterprise Edition.

Know your webpage speed from anywhere, from any device.

OctoPerf fits into your deployment process thanks to our Jenkins plugin and REST API.

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Analyse Test Results
Analyse Test Results

4. Analyze Test Results

Identify performance issues quickly with our real-time performance reporting system.

Follow the multiple metrics during test execution.

Customize your bench report from the moment the load test starts. Make it your own and export it using your company branding.

Use our various charts from top level summaries to detailed result and error tables, including line and pie charts.

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What's New?

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OctoPerf 7.2 is released

OctoPerf 7.2 is released


Another post about the little things we keep adding to OctoPerf like correlation rules frameworks and APM integrations.

We recently released a new minor version of OctoPerf. It includes many improvements in terms of usability and also support for a new monitoring technology. Let’s have a look at these. Usage logs One of the main feedback from our large customers was about how difficult it can be to follow the activity on a workspace. We decided to implement a new section in the subscription page that will log every test done on the current workspace: This way you can quickly assess if you need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

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