OctoPerf provides the best load testing UX. Simulate realistic user journeys throughout your application. Sign up and get a lifetime free account! OctoPerf, load testing, jmeter, cloud, on-premise, heavy load https://octoperf.com/ OctoPerf ZI Les Paluds, 276 Avenue du Douard, 13400 Aubagne, France +334 42 84 12 59 contact@octoperf.com

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    Easy load testing design

    Use auto-correlations rules and frameworks as well as test validation to quickly create virtual users.

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    Automated cloud infrastructure

    Start load test agents all around the globe in a matter of minutes.

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    Real time, customizable reports

    Create custom visualisations, compare results over time and create report templates.

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There is no vendor lock in: you can export from OctoPerf to JMeter JMX files.

A free tier license is available for life.

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OctoPerf can help you get by!

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Save about 50 to 70% of your time using OctoPerf instead of Apache JMeter™ for the Thread Groups creation (aka Virtual Users). Scale up to one million users on our Cloud load testing infrastructure.

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Legacy Tools

While the majority of legacy tools features are irrelevant for most load testers, we focus on the most important ones, refining and polishing OctoPerf to offer you the best possible user experience.

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New to Load Testing

In addition to be the easiest to use, Octoperf prides itself on a contextual documentation, video tutorials, and a live chat. You have all you need to quickly conduct load tests like a pro.

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