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Performance test your web, mobile app or REST API in 4 simple steps.

Design VU
Design VU

1. Design a Virtual User

Simple and Realistic, become a load test specialist in no time.

Based on JMeter, OctoPerf is a pure SaaS solution. Nothing to install, no code to write.

We made a great effort to allow advanced design of users. The learning curve is progressive, thanks to our Guided Tour, documentation and videos tutorials.

Import a Chrome or Fiddler HAR file, a JMeter JMX or just select the URL of your website to start load testing quickly.

Monitor infrastructure
Monitor infrastructure

2. Monitor your infrastructure

Pre-configured and unlinmited, OctoPerf’s Monitoring is the best tool to identify performance bottlenecks.

Retrieve the metrics from your servers with OctoPerf and cross them with the performance test metrics while a test is running.

With this feature you have a complete watch on the key metrics of a performance test. A great asset to easily identify bottlenecks.

Thanks to our Docker agents, the monitoring configuration and installation is as simple as a single shell command.

Run Load Test Scenario
Run Load Test Scenario

3. Run your scenario

Define the number of users, simulated devices and network conditions.

Scale up to one million users on our Cloud load testing infrastructure powered by Amazon. Load test behind the firewall using on-premise injectors.

Know your webpage speed from anywhere, from any device.

OctoPerf fits into your deployment process thanks to our Jenkins plugin.

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Analyse Test Results
Analyse Test Results

4. Analyze Test Results

Identify performance issues quickly with our real-time performance reporting system.

Follow the multiple metrics during test execution.

Customize your bench report from the moment the load test starts. Make it your own and export it using your company branding.

Use our various charts from top level summaries to detailed result and error tables, including line and pie charts.

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Why OctoPerf?

Because our Kraken can wreck any kind of ship!

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Monitoring in action: Apache Httpd

Monitoring in action: Apache Httpd

Monitoring the Apache Httpd of a WordPress installed via Docker.

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This blog post is a step by step guide for monitoring Apache Httpd using OctoPerf. We use WordPress as a sample application. Prerequisites Before monitoring an infrastructure we need: to install WordPress using Docker, to configure an on-premise Host, and to create a virtual user that browse the different pages. You can skip to the monitoring chapter if you are familiar with these steps or directly to the analysis to get the results.

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OctoPerf built-in monitoring

OctoPerf built-in monitoring

Monitor your infrastructure with OctoPerf.

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At the root of the OctoPerf project is the will to provide realistic load testing. We continue to take steps to improve the JMeter experience and make it accessible. But there’s a limit to what pure performance testing can achieve. To push this limit it is vital to assess what happens on the hardware during the tests. More realism Of course, a realistic test must reproduce the users expected behavior, but that’s not all.

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