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Why are Enterprise Teams Choosing
OctoPerf Over BlazeMeter?

Value for money
Powerful features
Ease of use
Support tailored for the enterprise

OctoPerf offers a user-friendly continuous testing platform tailored for JMeter™ users, combining advanced features with an unparalleled value-based pricing model. As the top BlazeMeter alternative, OctoPerf stands out with its focus on secure, time-saving, and team-oriented performance testing. Don't overpay for less - discover the powerful and cost-effective testing platform that is OctoPerf.

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OctoPerf vs. BlazeMeter

Pricing True Unlimited Pricing based on concurrent users Restricted by the number of Virtual Users (VUs), Tests, and Test Duration
Concurrent Testing Yes Limited
In-App Script Builder All in app - Create a JMeter™ script in minutes without opening JMeter™ Must use JMeter™ to create advanced scripts
Team Script Editing Yes No
Reporting Dynamic Results Engine Static Reports Only
True On-Premise Version Yes No

Why OctoPerf is the #1 BlazeMeter Alternative

Top 3 reasons
collaborative team testing

Collaborative Team Testing

Collaborative Script Editing: Empower your team with OctoPerf's cloud-based and on-premise platform, allowing script editing anytime, anywhere.
Concurrency Testing: Experience the freedom of unlimited concurrent team testing.
best value in the market

Best Value in the Market

Simple, Transparent Pricing: Our true unlimited pricing model is based solely on the number of concurrent users.
Comprehensive Feature Set: Get all the features you need without the hefty price tag.
responsive support

Personalized and Responsive Support

Customer-Centric Service: OctoPerf is lauded for its exceptional responsiveness and customer care.
Personalized Attention: We treat our customers with the consideration and promptness we desire for ourselves.

Key Features of OctoPerf

Seamless JMeter IntegrationSeamless JMeter™ Integration
Effortless enhancement of your JMeter™ scripts in the JMeter™ Performance Center.
User-Friendly InterfaceUser-Friendly Interface
Designed for quick adoption and ease of use, regardless of technical expertise.
Scalable Load TestingScalable Load Testing
Conduct large-scale tests with ease, directly from your web browser.
Enhanced Security OptionsEnhanced Security Options
Choose our on-premise solution for heightened security needs.
Flexible Cloud-Based TestingFlexible Cloud-Based Testing
Utilize our cloud platform for agility and scalability.
Advanced Results AnalysisAdvanced Results Analysis
Benefit from our dynamic results engine for in-depth insights and actionable data.
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