On Premises on Windows and Mac OS

On Premises on Windows and Mac OS

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OctoPerf last update added the possibility to install an On Premises agent to load test from behind your firewall.

We already described last week how to configure your on premises agent on a linux machine

This week we wanted to show you through a short video focusing on Windows and Mac OS. As you will see we use Kitematic to get docker running. It is pretty straightforward to install and allows OctoPerf On premises agent to run within minutes as on Linux.

Watch it below:

On Premises Agent


To sum up the prerequisites:

  • Docker running, either through the linux version or Kitematic on windows and Mac.
  • Sufficient memory, i.e. 8GB to run 1000 VUs per machine,
  • A constant access to api.octoperf.com on ports 80 and 443.
By - Support and performance eng. Director.
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