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Do You Have What it Takes to be a Work from Home Tester?

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Many of us have dreamed of working from home, but until the invention of the Internet it was quite impossible for most of us. Over the last decade, the odd work from home day has transformed into full-time remote working positions whereby someone works for a company, but does so from home. Furthermore, the development of cloud technology, a proliferation of online work-based platforms, and freelance gig sites for most company functions, has led to companies being able to outsource their work to an army of work from home freelancers.

This is great for the companies as it improves flexibility and reduces costs. They can hire people ad hoc for writing, for Virtual Assistant work, for art and design, web design, and a lot more. This also includes hiring specialist website, app and API testing like here with Octoperf. However, what are the benefits and concerns for the freelancers themselves?

My article covers the pros and cons of working from home, and this includes:


  • No daily commute

  • No micromanaging boss

  • You feel more engaged

  • You can set your own schedule and workload

  • Freedom to work in your PJs (let’s face it, this is a massive bonus)


  • Easy to get distracted; especially by the fridge

  • Less sociable and more lonely

  • Not good for your health if you do not exercise

  • You need lots of discipline

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Work from Home Tester?
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