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Full JMeter support and collaborative

OctoPerf is JMeter on steroids!
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This blog post aims to resume all the cool new features and improvements we’ve made to OctoPerf since the beginning of the year.

Full JMeter Support

OctoPerf is based on JMeter, the famous open-source load testing tool. We use a JMeter instance on each load injector to generate Virtual Users.

Until now, we only supported a (not so) limited panel of JMeter test elements. So you could not import a JMX file into OctoPerf without removing unsupported actions.

You can import any JMeter JMX File. Open-source and custom JMeter plugins are supported too!

JMeter JTL Results

To further integrate with the JMeter open-source ecosystem, OctoPerf now supports generating JMeter JTL Files. Those files are automatically consolidated and available for download once the test is finished.

Collaborative work

The fact that OctoPerf is a SaaS solution, available from any computer with an Internet connection, already greatly help collaborative work. But having to share an account could be impractical, especially for large team of testers.

So we introduced the notion of Workspaces into OctoPerf. Workspaces allow many testers to work on a project at the same time.

On-Premise host with Vagrant

OctoPerf’s motto has always been the ease of use. And to facilitate the installation of our on-premise injection and monitoring agent on Windows, we added the support for Vagrant.

Vagrant is a free and open-source software for creating and configuring virtual development environments. Kind of a wrapper around VirtualBox.

To configure an on-premise host on Windows:

Load-testing on-premise intranets and web portals have never been easier.


OctoPerf API becomes open to easily integrate with any third party tools.

OctoPerf REST API lets you completely automate load testing. You can programmatically query any part of our load testing solution, from Design to Analysis.

Example usage:

  • Custom integration with Continuous Integration such as Jenkins,
  • Automate test execution from third party tools like Ranorex,
  • Everything that can drive calls to a Rest API!

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Full JMeter support and collaborative
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