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JMeter JTL Reports

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After Full JMeter Support, generating, collecting and consolidating JTL files is the next major step to integrate with the JMeter ecosystem.

OctoPerf relies on JMeter to execute the load tests. JMeter can generate text files containing the results of a test run, called JTL Files. These JTL files are available when the load test is complete. They provide performance metrics about the test execution.

JTLs are incredibly useful to:

  • generate your own results graphs with Excel,
  • drill-down every single hit to pinpoint bottlenecks.

Pro JMeter users now feel at home when running their JMeter load tests from OctoPerf.

JTL Configuration

JTL can be enabled on a per user profile basis in scenarios:

JTL Configuration
JTL Configuration

To enable JTL reports, toggle ON Export JTL Files? button ON.

Then select the Log level:

  • All: successes and errors,
  • Errors,
  • Or Successes.

Finally, the JTL output can be fully customized as in JMeter:

  • Timestamp and URL,
  • Connect time, Elapsed time and latency,
  • Sent and Received Bytes count,
  • etc.

Beware that enabling JTL reports may have a negative impact on performances. We suggest to enable this feature only for advanced usage.

JTL Consolidation

Once the test is completed, all JTL files are available from the logs panel. JTL files are automatically collected from each load generator and stored in a compressed archive.

Logs JTL
Logs JTL

One JTL file is created for each User Profile configured in the runtime Scenario:

  • Click on the Download button to download a specific log file (JTL or other) compressed as a .gz archive.
  • Click on the Download All button to download all log files.

Have you ever done this task manually when scaling JMeter yourself? Forget about this painful task when using OctoPerf. All the tedious work is done on our side so you can spend more time testing.

Deeper Performance plugin Integration

The Jenkins Performance plugin allows you to capture reports from JMeter Test Logs and JTL files. As OctoPerf creates JTL files in the CSV format with headers, Jenkins can generate graphic charts with the trend report of performance.

Scale thousands of user within Jenkins and enjoy fine grained test reports by a simple click on the Build button.

JMeter JTL Reports

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