Our team will participate for the first time to the major French event of the software testing industry: The JFTL. See you the 9th of April 2019. jftl , qa , performance testing , load testing https://octoperf.com/blog/2019/03/18/journee-francaise-des-tests-logiciels-2019/ OctoPerf ZI Les Paluds, 276 Avenue du Douard, 13400 Aubagne, France +334 42 84 12 59 contact@octoperf.com Events 68 2021-01-04

Meet us in Paris at the JFTL

OctoPerf is JMeter on steroids!
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Our team will be pleased to see you for a chat on booth #23 at the JFTL. We will enjoy meeting you face to face for a chat. Feel free to contact our team at contact@octoperf.com if you want more information or details to prepare your venue.

JFTL: Journée Française des tests logiciels

JFTL 2019
JFTL 2019

Meet us in Paris at the JFTL
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