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Decathlon - Case study

Case Study Jun 9, 2020

Learn more about how Decathlon tested its new RFID platform with OctoPerf.

Context Decathlon is a network of innovative retail chains and brands providing enjoyment for all sports people. At Decathlon, 85,000 of co-workers live a common Purpose on a daily basis: To sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many. Decathlon presently operates in 58 countries in Retail with more than 1654 sport hypermarkets, and in 26 countries with Production. At Decathlon, innovation is at the heart of all activities: from research to retail, including conception, design, production and logistics.

SNCF - Case study

SNCF - Case study

Case Study Apr 23, 2020

A deep dive into how SNCF replaced performance center and JMeter with OctoPerf.

Context Most of you have already recognized the name SNCF, it is obviously one that is hard to miss when you live in France. But for everybody else, allow me to do a quick reminder of what SNCF stands for. The Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (Chemin de fer, literally, ‘path of iron’, means railway) is France‘s national state-owned railway company. It operates 32,000 km (20,000 mi) of route and in 2017 had €33.

LINKBYNET et OctoPerf s’allient pour tester l’app mobile En’jo de Majikan.

LINKBYNET et OctoPerf s’allient pour tester l’app mobile En’jo de Majikan.

Case Study Apr 6, 2020

Retour d’expérience sur la campagne de test En’jo menée conjoitement entre OctoPerf et Linkbynet.

En tant que Services Providers, LINKBYNET a compris les enjeux liés à la performance des apps. C’est dans ce cadre, que la société MAJIKAN a fait appel aux équipes Performance de LINKBYNET. Le besoin principal du client, au-delà des fonctionnalités de son apps, est la séduction du webinaute grâce à une optimisation de la qualité de l’expérience utilisateur pour son application Enjo. En’jo, est une nouvelle apps qui met en relation des particuliers et des artisans pour répondre à un besoin de dépannage d’urgence.

Privalia - Case study

Privalia - Case study

Case Study Nov 22, 2017

Learn more about how Privalia increased its platform’s capacity by 325%.

E-commerce growth predictions estimate that the market size will likely double and even triple between 2014 and 2021. This translates to a constant need to improve user experience and performances. Privalia as a company is particularly aware of this situation. Founded in 2006, Privalia holds short brand oriented flash sales on several markets like Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Privalia belongs to the vente-privee Group, creator and worldwide leader of flash sales concept.

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