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New cloud provider

Cloud Performance Nov 3, 2016

OctoPerf now benefits from additional coverage thanks to our integration with digital ocean.

We have been listening to all your nice feedbacks this last year and decided it was time to implement a new cloud provider in our platform. That’s why we are excited to announce that OctoPerf now supports Digital Ocean. Cloud is not AWS only Running large tests from AWS is quite easy and their platform is very powerful but: Testing an application hosted in AWS from AWS machines is not entirely realistic because of dedicated connections between datacenters, The AWS regions are nice but don’t give a complete worldwide coverage, Even AWS can be overloaded at certain peak periods.

Should I test my external providers

Should I test my external providers

Cloud Performance Feb 4, 2016

Thoughts on what to do with external providers during a load test.

Should I test my external providers If you ever recorded a load testing scenario on a website you probably noticed that the list of external links can be scary: Plus these links might occur several times, making your user profile difficult to read. Because of this even a simple task like separating the different steps into distinct transactions can become tedious: Every time I work on such tests the question is always the same: “Do we need to simulate these requests?

New Load Testing region

New Load Testing region

Cloud Performance Jan 28, 2016

We’ve just opened a new load testing region, Seoul (South Korea).

We’re pleased to announce today the launch of the Asia Pacific (Seoul, South Korea) region. Companies with infrastructures based in Korea can now leverage our Korean load generators to measure the performance of their applications. Load tests can now be run smoothly from South Korea using Amazon Web Services. Seoul is well-known to be digital nomads friendly. Future expansion Amazon is currently extending their datacenters to the following new locations:

Automated Subscription With Stripe

Automated Subscription With Stripe

Cloud Performance Nov 26, 2015

OctoPerf last update aims to automate the subscription process. You can now buy, renew and cancel plans on your own.

This short post describes the modifications made to OctoPerf for its last update, and how they can let you save time while preparing your load tests. You may need to have a large performance test done for yesterday. In such case the process to get a license with the appropriate number of virtual users must be as straightforward as possible. Subscribing to a plan In OctoPerf, it’s a matter of minutes: