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Test automation with OctoPerf's API

Continuous Integration Jul 27, 2017

A quick guide on how to automate tedious tasks with OctoPerf.

Even though automation is not always the best solution, you can still use some to save time on your day to day chores. And since OctoPerf is a GUI based tool we sometimes get remarks on how “unpractical” or “not devops friendly” this can be. Although I do not agree and still think that even a devops has better things to do than learning another coding language to test his code, I’d like to prove that even a GUI driven tool can be used to automate your testing.

Continuous Integration Load Testing with Jenkins

Continuous Integration Load Testing with Jenkins

Integrate OctoPerf with your favorite CI/CD and get continuously feedback on your web applications performances.

We’re proud to announce that we released our Jenkins / Hudson plugin to run load tests from your favorite Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery service. The sooner you detect a performance issue the quicker the bottleneck can be found and fixed. We believe that Continuous Integration Load Testing is the key to help companies deliver high performance web applications in time. Applications today not only need to pass unit and integration tests to ensure proper operation, but also acceptance tests like performance tests to ensure it behaves correctly under load.

How to build and release an open-source Java Project

How to build and release an open-source Java Project

Continuous Integration: How to build and release an open-source Java Project.

I was recently curious on how to create an open-source project from scratch and release it on Maven Central. I’m going to explain in this post how to create and release your first Java open-source project. I’m going to go through all the steps from creating the source repository, building the project using Continuous Integration, testing the code coverage and finally uploading a release on Maven Central. No server is required to build the project, nor to publish it.