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Why we embrace remote work

Innovation Jun 30, 2015

Why we think remote work is the new coming trend in digital companies.

The world population has grown by 30% since 1990, going from 5 to 7 billions people. The distance from workplace to residence tends to increase due to the life cost within cities, like in San Francisco, where someone is renting a backyard tent for 899$ per month, for people willing to have a temporary home until finding a decent one. Why should we stay at a single place when having a digital company like ours?

How to burn 50k dollars trying to save a few hundreds

How to burn 50k dollars trying to save a few hundreds

Innovation Jun 22, 2015

Learn how you can spend thousands of dollars by trying to save a few hundred ones.

You are a brand new startup. No cash flows in at the moment. What are you trying to do? Survive. You are saving every single penny to last as long as possible. You stick with free tools, or stay with freemium plans. Are you really saving money by doing this? How it happens Once your startup launch is successful, you’re growing fast and are rapidly acquiring new customers. As it grows, the tools you used at the beginning are less and less adapted to your changing needs.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Innovation May 20, 2015

OctoPerf, our Cloud load testing tool, is made using massively open-source technologies. Because sharing is caring, this blog is a way for us to share how we made it.

We are proud to announce the opening of our Tech Blog. We really wanted to have a place to share technical thoughts openly. Why so open? Sharing technical stuff on our platform is like releaving secrets about how we built OctoPerf, our SaaS load testing tool. OctoPerf wouldn’t exist without the open-source community. We are widely using open-source technologies to build better software. It would be unfair to keep all the great things we have done with open-source technologies just for us.

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