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JMeter JTL Reports

Jmeter Apr 13, 2017

Generate, consolidate and collect JMeter JTL Reports at scale.

After Full JMeter Support, generating, collecting and consolidating JTL files is the next major step to integrate with the JMeter ecosystem. OctoPerf relies on JMeter to execute the load tests. JMeter can generate text files containing the results of a test run, called JTL Files. These JTL files are available when the load test is complete. They provide performance metrics about the test execution. JTLs are incredibly useful to: generate your own results graphs with Excel, drill-down every single hit to pinpoint bottlenecks.

Full JMeter support and collaborative

Full JMeter support and collaborative

Jmeter Mar 30, 2017

Get an insight about the load testing features introduced during the first quarter of 2017.

This blog post aims to resume all the cool new features and improvements we’ve made to OctoPerf since the beginning of the year. Full JMeter Support OctoPerf is based on JMeter, the famous open-source load testing tool. We use a JMeter instance on each load injector to generate Virtual Users. Until now, we only supported a (not so) limited panel of JMeter test elements. So you could not import a JMX file into OctoPerf without removing unsupported actions.

How to extract data from Json response using JMeter

How to extract data from Json response using JMeter

Jmeter Apr 25, 2018

Learn by examples how to use JMeter Json Path Extractor, JSR223 and Beanshell scripts to work with Json server responses. a lot of real-world examples with detailed JMeter screenshots and explanations.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you need to extract variables from a Json response using JMeter. Good news! You’re on the definitive guide to master JMeter Json Extractor. Complementary to our Rest API Testing Guide, you’ll learn everything you need to master Json Path Expressions. Let’s go! And don’t panic, there is nothing difficult down there. Json Format To get a better understanding of what Json is, here is an example Json document:

JMeter 3.1 Key Improvements

JMeter 3.1 Key Improvements

Jmeter Dec 1, 2016

What has been improved in JMeter 3.1 compared to previous version.

JMeter 3.1 is now available. JMeter 3.1 is a fix release with some moderate improvements. Let’s dive into the JMeter 3.1 version changes and decrypt them for you. Good news we already integrated JMeter 3.1 to OctoPerf! New Features In this section, we are going to review the new features introduced in JMeter 3.1. Improved HTML Reporting Basically, some new graphs have been added to the HTML report. The HTML report drastically improved the easiness to analyze test results when using JMeter, but it still lacks real-time test results reporting.

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