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Gradle Multi-Project Builds for Maven Users

Kraken Jul 25, 2019

How to create a multi-modules Maven project in the Gradle world? This guide uses the Kraken project as an example to help you get started with complex Gradle builds.

The creation of a Load Testing IDE (Kraken) was for me the opportunity to check on new technologies: I wanted to try another build solution for my Java backends. I used Maven for several years, both on OctoPerf and in my previous work experiences. Moving from Maven to Gradle is not necessarily easy, as the concepts involved are different This blog post is a guide for every developer with a Maven background that would like to give a try to Gradle (version 5.

Kraken: The Load Testing IDE

Kraken: The Load Testing IDE

Kraken Jul 3, 2019

How a proof of concept on some technologies became a full-featured project: Kraken, the load and performance testing IDE.

About 8 months back, after a few years working on the same technology stack used for OctoPerf, I wanted to check if we should follow the latest trends: micro-services and reactive programming. Re-building OctoPerf with other technologies, just for a POC, seemed way too long. After all, the development of the frontend alone took me a few years, not to mention the backend … OctoPerf comes with really advanced features regarding load-testing!

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