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Sharing variables between Virtual Users

Tutorials May 27, 2020

How to use the AMQP technology to share variables between VUsers during your tests with Octoperf

Introduction Variables, may they be constant or dynamic, are an essential part of load testing. We already learned how to manipulate these values by extracting and re-injecting them inside one Virtual User. But what if we need to share these values between several Virtual Users ? In this blog post, I will show you just how to do that, using the MQ technology. What is AMQP ? Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMPQ) is an open standard protocol that allows messages exchanges between different systems.

Test mobile native applications with OctoPerf

Test mobile native applications with OctoPerf

Tutorials Mar 22, 2016

Simple tutorial on how to capture traffic and load test your native apps.

Context As mobility has been the trend these past years, all the users coming to a website do so from many different devices. OctoPerf allows you to simulate traffic to your website, but it also allows to simulate this kind of multi-device traffic. That being said, to take advantage of OctoPerf possibilities, you might need to import several different user journeys. Because a mobile user is very likely to deal with a different version of the application.

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