Collaborative Work

Collaborative Work

Share your work on load testing projects with your team members. Give Viewer access to test results to stakeholders and clients.

Sharing JMeter projects can be a tedious task especially for large performance tester teams. OctoPerf solves this issue by allowing Teams to share their projects (Virtual Users, Scenarios and test reports) using Workspaces.

A Workspace is a collection of projects accessible by one or more people with different roles:

  • Testers can create Virtual users and run tests,
  • Administrators can update the workspace and add other members,
  • Viewers can only view the content of a workspace (mostly load test results).

Collaborative Advanced Rights Management

Collaborative advanced rights management lets you give access to specific projects and providers to your collaborators.

Usage logs

Follow your team activity by using OctoPerf’s Subscriptions Usage Logs.

OctoPerf is a JMeter Performance Center for Load Testing Teams who want to scale.