Search and Replace HTTP Actions

Search and Replace HTTP Actions

Create dynamic Virtual User by searching for parameters into HTTP requests or responses and replacing them by variables.

Quickly look for parameters that should be made dynamic. Search options lets you spot the specific part of the HTTP requests/responses where to look at:

  • Query parameters,
  • Headers,
  • Post content,
  • Response body,
  • etc.

Flagger HTTP Actions

You can directly update these HTTP actions by using the replace features:

  • Update the currently selected action,
  • Update all flagged actions,
  • Update ALL actions.

Replace HTTP Actions

The search and replace can be used to replace a characters string by another anywhere in the HTTP request actions of the current Virtual User.

It also comes with more advanced capabilities for many use cases:

  • Replacing all resources HTTP request actions think times,
  • Removing an specific header,
  • Replacing the value of a GET request query parameter,
  • Activating the Download resources or Follow redirects options,
  • etc.

The Search and replace HTTP is THE tool to save time when variabilizing Virtual Users.