Octoperf supports monitoring a variety of web servers, application servers, databases, operating systems and more. As well as many Application Performance Management solutions and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery platforms. OctoPerf , load testing , monitoring , apm , web server , application server , operating system , database , enterprise edition https://octoperf.com/integrations/ OctoPerf ZI Les Paluds, 276 Avenue du Douard, 13400 Aubagne, France +334 42 84 12 59 contact@octoperf.com

OctoPerf integrates with

App Dynamics
Circle CI
New Relic
Team City

Enterprise Edition

Land OctoPerf at home

Land OctoPerf at home

As most companies shift left with their testing, OctoPerf provides a centralized web interface for all teams to collaborate:

Web UI accessible to every browser,
Advanced rights management,
Share Virtual Users design & load tests results.

Even teammates working from home or other offices can contribute to the tests. Administrators can give access to specific projects or load injector providers.

Hassle free license management, with no "protocols" or "controllers".

With every license you get an unlimited:

Number of tests,
Number of controllers / concurrent tests.

OctoPerf Enterprise Edition only works thanks to a single license file.

Getting Started Guide

By hosting your own OctoPerf Enterprise Edition server you get the best of a cloud based solution internally:

Host your own database,
Update and maintain everything using Docker,
Easily add/remove load injectors on the fly to control your infrastructure costs.

OctoPerf Enterprise Edition can be installed and maintained without extensive infrastructure knowledge, thanks to Docker.

Circle CI
Travis CI
Circle CI
Travis CI
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

OctoPerf supports any maven compatible CI/CD server


Automate your load test executions

Various Maven goals allow you to checkout scripts from your source control and execute load tests on OctoPerf.

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APM & Monitoring

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    Application Performance Management

    OctoPerf integrates with all major Application Performance Management services.

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    Monitoring the infrastructure while running a load test provides invaluable information about what's happening server side. Octoperf supports monitoring a variety of web servers, application servers, databases, operating systems and more.