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Instana is a fully automatic application performance monitoring (APM) solution that makes it easy to visualize and manage the performance of microservice applications.

Specifically built for cloud native, microservice architectures, Instana delivers complete visibility into every aspect of your application stack. As your team drives their CI/CD process, Instana continuously discovers, and automatically monitors the performance and quality of the changing application. Customers using Instana automatically gain visibility, manage performance, align IT to business value and reduce costs by optimizing operations.

To keep pace with the constant application changes brought on by CI/CD processes, modern monitoring solutions must be completely automated. Instana automates the full process of Agent deployment, data collection and rule configuration. AI is applied to automatically determine the health of the full technical stack; from infrastructure, through the middleware, and most importantly the processing services.

  • Immediate impact analysis into the continuous change
  • Actionable optimizing information empowers the entire application delivery team
  • AI powered automatic root cause analysis - fast MTTR
  • Maximum understanding with minimum effort


EasyVirt / DC Scope

DC Scope is an intuitive, user-centered solution to optimize virtualization.

It helps you to easily understand the present and future behavior of your infrastructure, simulate capacity planning, improve performance, manage costs and avoid risks. DC Scope is a turnkey solution, its installation takes less than 15 minutes and does not require any configuration. The solution offers a fast ROI by providing you with recommendations based on the behavior of each individual VM. With DC Scope you can cut the waste of computing resources, increase the capacity and reduce the costs of your data center in only a few clicks.

Capacity Planning: in a few clicks simulate the adding or deletion of VMs, servers or datastores. Simulate new projects, test your Business Continuity Plan.

VM lifecycle: automatically track any changes in the VMs.

Free 30-days trial on www.easyvirt.com!

EasyVirt / DC Scope


GREENSPECTOR is the editor of the only quality solution dedicated to the efficiency of mobile applications and connected devices.

The GREENSPECTOR suite helps business managers to meet their digital goals. It is used by the most demanding companies in terms of mobility, in order to improve their mobile services either for their end users (banks, insurance, media…) or for their own employees (military, transports, logistics, energy & utilities…).

The tool brings new insights thanks to its ability to measure and diagnose in a non-intrusive way, independent of the underlying technologies. GREENSPECTOR can be used along manual testing, automated testing in continuous integration, or operated by the publisher.

The solution includes an exclusive test bench consisting of real devices, accessible in cloud mode or installed on-premises. The new KPIs allow the digital factory to master the efficiency and performance of its applications, which reduces the risk of failures, extends the autonomy of the devices and improves user experience.

For more information: greenspector.com or contact@greenspector.com


Alliance Digitale

The Alliance Digitale is a group of French companies from South of France covering a wide range of solutions in the IT field.

It gathers trusted specialists for Mobility, Containerisation & DevOps, Service, Test, Microsoft, Recruitment and Digital communication. We aim to offer an ecosystem of solutions to our customers with a local approach.

OctoPerf is one of the founder of this group among companies like Atos, Ai3, ARS, Lauralba, Nouvelle Marque, Tekoway and Treeptik.


Alliance Digitale


Queue-it’s virtual waiting room protects your bottlenecks and 3rd party plugins from website or app overload.

When your site or app is above capacity, it offloads excess visitors to an online queue with transparent, real-time wait info. Then it passes visitors back to your site or app in a fair first-come, first-served order.

Queue-it’s client or server-side open source integrations work with top CDNs; ticketing or ecommerce platforms; and native mobile apps. It’s the only virtual waiting room not implemented as a reverse DNS proxy, so you don’t expose sensitive data. And Queue-it can be a key tool to block bad bots.

Discover how to control online traffic peaks with Queue-it’s virtual waiting room. Queue-it works with top enterprises worldwide like Ticketmaster, Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Dixon’s Carphone, MediaWorld, and AXS.



ProMyze provides expertise in software quality to help companies to face technical debt challenges.

Technical debt refers to complex source code, bad architecture and lack of tests in a software. It highlights the amount of work a company should invest in order to lead its software’s in a clean, up- to-date state. Technical debt is today an established impediment to innovation ability, increases software maintenance costs and seriously impacts developer teams.

To that extent, ProMyze comes with a service offer split among 4 main lines:

  • Expertise in software quality tools and integration in the development environment
  • Training on software development best practices: Clean Code, Test-Driven Development, Git, Domain-Driven Design, …
  • Consulting & advisory in software development with a high focus set on Software Craftsmanship principles
  • Themis, a collaborative platform for software developers

Themis brings a developer-centric approach to deal with daily software quality management designed for developer teams. The main assets are structured around smart and personalized data to offer highly relevant information for developers. Themis provides personalized feedback, allowing developers to figure out their impact on software quality and enhance their work. Themis promotes agile management of software quality and supports collective action plan set up on a regular basis.


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