Ultimate Flexibility in Performance Testing

Introducing the most flexible testing option in the performance testing industry. With OctoPerf's Pay-Per-Test, you gain the agility to conduct high-quality tests without the commitment to a subscription.

Perfect for projects of any size, ranging small to large in scale. Simply build your script using our scripting studio or upload your existing JMeter scripts, select your test size, and start testing immediately.

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  • Only Pay for What You Use
  • Tailored Testing for Every Need

How Does It Work?

Load-testing in 3 simple steps.


Build or Upload Your Scripts

Start building a new script in-app or upload your existing JMeter script to OctoPerf


Select Test Size

Choose the number of concurrent virtual users for your test


Launch Your Test

With just a few clicks, initiate your test and get real-time insights into your application's performance

Pricing Details

Transparent, straightforward pricing based on the number of concurrent virtual users. Only pay for the duration you test, with no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Max Concurrent Virtual UsersHourly Rate
Up to 50Free
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Why Choose Pay Per Test?


Test as per your project needs without the constraint of a subscription.


Pay only for the test hours you use, making it ideal for budget-conscious projects.

Ease of Use

Simple setup process. Upload your scripts and start testing in minutes.