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  • Test up to 50 concurrent users
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Pay only for what you need with no long-term commitment.

  • Flexible on-demand testing at scale
  • Pay for concurrency and duration
  • Designed to minimize testing costs
  • Starting at $69 per test per hour


Designed for teams needing consistent high-scale performance testing or on-premise solutions.
  • Unlimited tests and durations
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Advanced security and control
  • Concurrent team-based testing

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A “test” in OctoPerf is a comprehensive simulation involving multiple virtual users (Thread Groups in JMeter™), launched simultaneously through our runtime scenario interface. It consists of various user profiles (load generators) activated at once, allowing you to mimic the behavior of thousands of concurrent users from different geographic locations, all counting as a single test execution.

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you via live chat, providing a direct connection to our technical experts. We pride ourselves on our swift response times. Don’t hesitate to reach out or explore our detailed tutorials for immediate guidance.

Absolutely! OctoPerf offers a lifetime free account, requiring no credit card or extensive personal information. With this account, you can conduct tests with up to 50 concurrent users and access all of our platform’s features.

Subscriptions can be managed and canceled directly through the user interface. If you’re considering canceling, please contact us at We’re interested in receiving your feedback and discussing any potential solutions to meet your testing needs.

Our pricing model is straightforward and inclusive, covering full access to all features, integrations (like server monitoring and Jenkins plugin), on-premise testing capabilities, and all our injection zones without additional charges. Our goal is to ensure transparency and value without unexpected expenses.

You can subscribe to our “Cloud Unlimited” plan directly through the application, with payments securely processed via credit card. For the “Pay Per Test” option, tests can be purchased as needed, also directly through the application. Should you require custom solutions or wish to purchase our “On Premise Unlimited” plan, contact our Sales team and they will be happy to help.

For any further inquiries or clarifications regarding our pricing and plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or initiate a conversation through our live chat feature. Our team is here to provide the information and support you need to make the most of OctoPerf.

Satisfied Customers

I think that more people should consider OctoPerf, as it is an excellent value for the investment.

Veronika C.
Veronika C.
QA Lead

I performed and tests. There is actually a huge gap on the functional perimeter.

Kristian V.
Kristian V.
Load Tester

For my part, and even though we still have some tests to enjoy, I think it’s a good tool.

Sandip K.
Sandip K.
Lead QA Engineer

OctoPerf has a very good Cost/Benefit ratio! We will increase the pace again next year.

Jan V.
Jan V.

We were very happy with how fast we could use OctoPerf to simulate all our applications.

Dominique C.
Dominique C.
Perf. Testing Expert

OctoPerf allowed us to write test scenarios faster and get beginners trained faster.

Luis H.
Luis H.
JMeter Expert

The test tool is a visual delight. And we do not feel locked inside a proprietary tool.

Ulf S.
Ulf S.
QA & JMeter enthusiast

I’ve felt that your support as a company has been excellent and the training really was one of the best I’ve ever attended.

Veronika C.
Veronika C.
Load Tester

Thank you for the demo. I must say once again OctoPerf looks awesome!

Philippe D.
Philippe D.
Performance Engineer

OctoPerf helped us increase our e-commerce platform’s capacity by 325%.

Frédéric N.
Frédéric N.
Automation Expert

I have seen such improvement in the solution to propose OctoPerf as a replacement for Blazemeter.

Michael R.
Michael R.
QA Manager

The learning curve is very comfortable, with numerous options and realistic operation.

Kumar V.
Kumar V.
QA Engineer