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Scale Your JMeter Testing with OctoPerf's Cloud Solutions

Simulate real-world use cases by testing at scale up to 1 million users and beyond. Ensure your website and application can meet peak loads without being blocked by on-premises testing infrastructure limitations. Leverage cloud testing to stress test, smoke test, or ramp up and down per your needs with a cost-effective solution.

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Why Choose OctoPerf for Cloud Testing

Scalable, Distributed, Customizable - Cloud Testing Redefined


Test millions of concurrent users. Ramp up and down on-demand.

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Global Reach

Distributed testing across AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean. Test anywhere your users are.

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Launch thousands of concurrent users within a few minutes with auto-scaling resources.

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Tailor tests with highly customized load profiles and scenarios. Cover all cases and edge cases.

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Scalable Testing Capabilities

  • Easily define and edit the load curve in an easy-to-use UI
  • Choose the number of concurrent users you need
  • Determine load duration
  • Decide on scenario patterns, steps and ramping up and down
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Global Test Distribution

  • Choose geo-locations from AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean
  • Enjoy wide geographical reach - test scenarios where your users are
  • Leverage your own Virtual Machines or Hardware for apps secured behind your firewall
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Cloud Load Testing Locations

Seamless Auto-Scaling

  • OctoPerf automatically scales load generators to meet your desired max concurrency accounts
  • Octoperf manages the entire test lifecycle for you
  • Cloud instances are automatically terminated when not in use

Integrate Cloud Testing into your Workflows

Scale your tests automatically in the cloud by integrating OctoPerf with your CI/CD tool of choice and Enable streamlined workflows to your load and performance test. With OctoPerf integrated into workflows, you can ensure your applications can withstand real world traffic demands without the headaches of manual testing or managing infrastructure. Save valuable time while enhancing your testing accuracy and the reliability of your release cycles.

Check out more info on OctoPerf’s CI/CD integrations here.

Why Scale Testing in the Cloud?

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Businesses of all types face peak events and growing traffic. By scaling tests in the cloud, you can prepare for traffic spikes and ensure a good user experience no matter how many users come to visit. Whether you’re preparing for Black Friday, a special sale, a ticket-selling event, a large number of students checking their test results, or any other crowd-related scenario, scaling your testing will ensure your audience comes back for more.

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Getting Started with Cloud Testing in OctoPerf

3 steps to cloud testing with Octoperf:


Sign up

and create your project


Upload your JMX

script or record a new scenario


Configure VUs

and cloud locations and run your test

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