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Load-Testing Scripting Tree Navigation
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Load-Testing Scripting Dnd Inside

Drag and Drop Editing

Easily add and move the elements of your scripts through OctoPerf’s dragging & dropping ability.

No code is needed to improve your script. The entire screen is flexible to change the display to your liking, adding efficiency to your scripting efforts.

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Load-Testing Correlation Rules

Address Dynamic Parameters Fast

OctoPerf’s regular expression and correlation rules help you to identify and automate the management of all your dynamical values.

Make your scripts realistic for accurate results, saving you time in the scripting process.

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Load-Testing CSV Splitting Load-Testing CSV Splitting

Manage and Split CSV Files

Import your CSV files into OctoPerf’s file manager to centralize all your project files.

OctoPerf automatically distributes the values from your files to your load generators and projects, reducing workloads while ensuring you have unique values for each Virtual User.

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Load-Testing CSV Splitting

Search and Replace

Quickly and easily locate to edit one or several elements in your virtual user.

You no longer need to spend time manually locating elements to make script adjustments before executing.

OctoPerf guides you to the right actions helping you adjust your scripts efficiently.

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Load-Testing Script Validation
Load-Testing Script Validation

Debug Before Scaling

With OctoPerf, you don’t waste your test credits to ensure your script's quality.

Run a single concurrent user to check your script quality and validity and immediately spot areas to improve before running at scale.

See how OctoPerf scales your scripts.

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Load-Testing Team Collaboration Load-Testing Team Collaboration

Collaboration Made Easy

OctoPerf enables team collaboration on scripts.

Easily share privileges with your team members to speed up the test creation process.

OctoPerf’s collaborative environment creates team innovation to bring testing strategies together for maximum test coverage.

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Speed Up Delivery with SLA’s

Adding SLA’s into your script transforms the ability to automate your testing.

By integrating OctoPerf with your favorite CI/CD tool and adding SLA’s, ensuring the highest levels of application performance while speeding up your software.

See OctoPerf automate your tests.

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Join leading enterprises transforming their JMeter™ testing strategies with OctoPerf.