Load Testing Reporting Engine

OctoPerf's Reporting Engine: Transforming Tests into Performance Insights

Uncover the Story Behind Your Test

Designed for developers and performance testers, the OctoPerf reporting engine turns your performance tests into actionable insights. Find and fix performance issues faster than ever to improve your code quality and your app’s user experience.

Features That Empower Developers and Testers

Detailed Analytics

Delve into the specifics with metrics that cover everything: user load, response time, connect time, latency, network time, throughput, errors, hits, assertions, and more. Quickly identify what matters most, through a visual format that’s easy to digest.

  • User load
  • Response time
  • Connect time
  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • Errors
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Hits and response time line chart Hits and response time line chart
Top response time bar chart Top response time bar chart
Traffic donut chart Traffic donut chart

Real-time Feedback

Stay ahead with real-time updates that keep you informed as your tests unfold. Immediate insight allows for agile responses and adjustments, ensuring your testing strategy is always on point and code is ready to deploy.

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Customizable Dashboards

Edit and update Metadatas, APDEX, graphs, colors and time range to make data analysis effortless and insightful.

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Report Time-Range Configuration Report Time-Range Configuration
Report Item Metric Color Settings Report Item Metric Color Settings

Template Your Preferred Display

Build your own report and apply it for all future test executions.

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Historical Comparisons

Compare current results with past data by comparing reports and finding trends in dedicated reports. Track your progress over time and ensure your optimizations are leading to measurable improvements that help meet SLAs and enhance developer productivity.

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Trend report Trend report

Collaboration Made Easy

Share your discoveries with your team effortlessly. Our reporting engine supports exportable reports and collaborative tools to enhance communication and collective problem-solving.

  • Microsoft Teams Notifications
  • Slack Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • HTTP Notifications
  • Jira Integration
  • PDF Report
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Accelerate Bottleneck Identification

With OctoPerf’s Reporting Engine, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks has never been quicker. Our sophisticated analytics tools are designed to pinpoint the root causes of performance issues, allowing you to focus on optimization efforts where they are needed most. Say goodbye to guesswork or to digging through JMeter logs and reports.

Instead, welcome OctoPerf’s targeted solutions that enhance user experience and application reliability.

Benefits Beyond Data

OctoPerf’s Reporting Engine offers detailed insights and a platform for rapid analysis, empowering you and your team to elevate your application to its highest potential.

Informed Decision Making

Use data to make the decisions that impact your application's performance. With OctoPerf, you’re always one step ahead.

Time Efficiency

Our engine is built to save you time, with out-of-the-box reports that translate complex data into understandable insights quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Performance

Direct your efforts where they count. With rapid bottleneck identification, improve your application's performance systematically and sustainably.

Streamlined Communication

Keep your team in the loop with clear, concise reports that foster a culture of transparency and efficiency.

Ready to Transform Your Performance Testing?

Embrace the future of testing with insights that drive action. OctoPerf is here to guide you from data overload to clarity and confidence in your performance strategy. Take the first step towards smarter, faster performance testing:

Transform data into your most powerful performance asset with OctoPerf.