On-premise & Cloud

Test from the cloud or from an on-premise machine if the application is behind a firewall.

Eclectic load policy

Run a test with up to 10 different user behaviors associated to thousands of concurrent users.


Integrate OctoPerf in your Continuous Integration pipeline thanks to our Jenkins plugin.

On-Premise & Cloud Load Testing

Choose to test from the Cloud or from an On-Premise machine. You can even mix both trough what we call a “hybrid” test.

No need to deploy and manage JMeter™ instances on your servers to create a large user load:

OctoPerf automatically handles it and configures the infrastructure for you: we deploy Apache JMeter™ instances in many geographical locations around the world (using Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean).

Our algorithms calculates everything, just define your load policy and push the Launch Test button.

OctoPerf’s on-premise Solution can run within your company’s private network. On-Premise injectors installation is a matter of few minutes.

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On-premise & cloud load testing

A Diverse Load Policy

Deal with the variety of origins and network conditions your application is facing in production.

Mix simultaneous users with different user agents:

  • Phone, Tablet or Desktops,
  • Mobile browsers and OS (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Windows, MAC OS X, Linux).

Simulate various network bandwidths (DSL, 4G, Optical Fiber and more).

Define the ramp-up policy to know **how many concurrent users your application can handle**, fine tune browser cache management, customize DNS settings or override think-time settings.

A diverse load policy

Continuous Integration

OctoPerf can be integrated with Jenkins, the most popular Continuous Integration server.

Jenkins generates graphic charts with performance trends on:

  • Successful and failed business transactions,
  • Response time,
  • Errors,
  • And throughput.

Launching a load test each time your application is built lets you spot performance regression as your application evolves. OctoPerf generates JTL JMeter Tests Logs files that are used by Jenkins Performance Plugin to show you performance trends.

Automate any load testing task using our maven plugin and Rest API!

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