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Design virtual users, Monitor servers, Run thousands of users and Analyze metrics. Multiple applications, all in one single place.

Realistic & Code Free

Simulate the full journey of real visitors browsing your application without a single line of code.

JMeter™ Powered

OctoPerf propels Apache JMeter™ in the cloud and makes it easy to use and to learn.

Saas Performance Center

Easily Design, Monitor, Execute and Analyze performance tests through your Web Browser.

Got a modern web-browser? We’ve got you covered.

OctoPerf allows you to get rid of the pain associated to performance testing. Indeed there is:

  • no installation to do,
  • no software updates to follow,
  • no license associated to a specific device.

Access your tests anytime, from anywhere.

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Saas Performance Center

Realistic & Code Free

No programming required. A beautiful and intuitive interface makes your load tester work easier thanks to a drag and drop system.

Get quickly on board by importing recordings from JMeter, Fiddler, Chrome and more.

Design REALISTIC virtual users with ease:

  • Compare executions with records at a glance,
  • Auto correlate changing parameters,
  • Validate your virtual users in a single click.

All it needs to simulate the journey of visitors through the application, page after page, request after request.

Avoid the classical mistakes like only hitting the cache of your front servers! Realistic load tests stress the full stack of your application, from load balancers to databases.

To ensure a meaningful test it is important to manage dynamic parameters and variables.

Realistic & Code Free

JMeter Reinvented

Save about 50 to 70% of your time using OctoPerf instead of Apache JMeter™ for the Thread Groups creation (aka Virtual Users).

If you are a JMeter™ maniac or want to capitalize on the work you already did in it, just import projects from JMeter™.

OctoPerf supports ALL JMeter™ test plans elements, for example:

  • Simple, Loops, Random, Throughput, and If Controllers,
  • Pre-processors, Post-processors and Assertions,
  • But also HTTP Managers and CSV DataSets
  • etc.

From load test Design to Analysis, OctoPerf’s usage boosts your JMeter™ knowledge and efficiency. You save a great deal of time and energy.

Switch from a test environment to a production one in no time using our servers management tool.

BTW There is no vendor lock in. You can export from OctoPerf to JMeter JMX files.

JMeter reinvented
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