Monitoring your infrastructure is the best way to identify bottlenecks.


As many monitored servers as you like. As many measurements as you need.


Make yourself comfortable. OctoPerf monitoring is pre-configured for you.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring the infrastructure while running a load test provides invaluable information about what’s happening on server side.

Load Testing and Monitoring, together, is the key to success:

Understanding which requests are slow is only half of the answer,

Monitor your servers to get the other other half and understand on which part of the infrastructure hides the bottleneck.

With OctoPerf you can monitor any infrastructure even if you’re not a DBA or from IT. Setup is easy and straight-forward. Accessible for anyone.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Unlimited & Free

No hidden fees. We charge for load testing, not for your infrastructure monitoring.

OctoPerf supports many environments, from front servers to databases:

  • Windows, Linux,
  • Httpd, Nginx, Tomcat,
  • MySQL, Postgres,
  • etc.

Get deep insights about what’s happening on server-side. Monitor specific disk drives, network interfaces, databases and even OS processes.

YES! There is no extra cost for it. Monitoring is included even in our free plan:

  • Monitor as many machines as you would like,
  • Collect as many metrics as you want.

Unlimited & free

Smart Monitoring

Installation and configuration of our on-premise agent is done in a few minutes thanks to Docker.

All is made so you spend less time configuring and more time testing:

Each monitors comes with pre-selected metrics.

Thresholds are also predefined using known industry standards values.

OctoPerf notifies you about performance problems by raising alerts.

Still, monitor configuration can be tailored to fit your system needs. Add, remove or reorganize metrics the way you like. Set custom threshold values.

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Smart monitoring