Live Analysis

Follow the live metrics, second after second while a test is running.

Accurate metrics

Graphs, Curves, Pie charts, everything you need to spotlight bottlenecks.

Personalized reports

Comment the metrics, add graphs, create and export your own report.

Live Analysis

Watch the progress of your test, step by step.

From the moment you press the Launch button to the end of the load test, OctoPerf helps you follow the bench progress:

  • Test initialization logs are visible as soon as your bench is starting,
  • Key performance metrics are immediately reported to the result screen from the very first moment the bench is running,
  • JMeter logs files and JTL files are available when the bench is done.

You can watch the behavior of your application, be reactive and ensure a perfect follow-up of your tests.

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Live Analysis

Various & Accurate Metrics

OctoPerf measures a panel of metrics for every single request being sent, in every location.

Octoperf is ideal to help you quickly and accurately find bottlenecks as it offers many metrics:

  • Response time, Connect time and Latency,
  • Throughput and Hits,
  • Errors and Assertions,
  • Monitors,
  • etc.

Benefit from various types of metrics: minimum, average, count, rate, etc. You can filter them by logical actions, geographical positions or virtual users.

Get an overview of your application performance or enjoy a very high level of granularity to check every detail.

Various & accurate metrics

Personalize and Export Your Reports

Make them easy to read and share them.

Present a clear, constructive and professional test report to decision makers directly in OctoPerf. No need for external tools or to export data.

Quickly make load testing bench results understandable and add value to your conclusions.

Compare from two to four load test results in the same report.

Export your personalized report and generate a PDF with your company’s logo and name.

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Personalize and export your reports