Scaleflex’s Digital Asset Management and Media Optimization solutions simplify the upload, management, optimization and delivery of media assets online.

With over 1300 clients in 50 countries and 2.5 billion media assets managed globally, Scaleflex’s two solutions solve media asset management problems for businesses, simplifying the recurring tasks involved in developing a website, online store, and mobile and desktop applications.

Filerobot Digital Asset Management is MACH-certified, helping companies streamline content workflows and speed up content-to-market by uploading, storing, categorizing, collaborating, optimizing, and publishing media assets (images, videos, and documents) on multiple channels.

Cloudimage Media Optimization aids productivity and eliminates the tedious and repetitive tasks of image processing. It optimizes images and videos to improve SEO, automates the on-the-fly creation of marketing variants, and delivers media assets over a multi-CDN network.

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