Get certification diplomas and training documents either by following a dedicated training on performance test methodology and OctoPerf or via self-training. load testing - video - tutorial - guide - help - octoperf OctoPerf ZI Les Paluds, 276 Avenue du Douard, 13400 Aubagne, France +334 42 84 12 59

Training and Certification

We propose two ways to allow your team to be quickly operational with OctoPerf.

  • 1

    Dedicated training

    A two-days training dedicated to performance test methodology and OctoPerf (a group from 1 to 10 people simultaneously).

  • 2


    A self-training process based on a tutorial framework.

We deliver certification diplomas and/or training documents at the end of the session.

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OctoPerf Blog Tutorials

Learn to use OctoPerf Load Testing tool by reading a series of blog posts or download our Whitepaper. OctoPerf's very short learning curve is made even easier.

Use JMeter to create a website crawler

Our goal in this blog post is to create a website crawler to identify broken links and references. We will use OctoPerf but the same can be achieved with JMeter.

Troubleshoot your tests

This guide will teach you how to prepare resilient tests and how to analyze errors that you get during the test. We will cover all the known errors to make sure you can find the root cause of any issue.

Analyze your load tests

An in-depth look at OctoPerf report engine and all the report items that can make your analysis easier. We’ll even check the report comparison and throw in a few tips for good measure.

Install OctoPerf in your company

See the benefits of an OctoPerf On-Premise infra and all the features we have added over the years so that it can fit in your infrastructure while still following your security guidelines.