Load Testing Trainings

Master the art of Load Testing by reading series of training dedicated to the load testing methodology, load testing with OctoPerf and JMeter.
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Load Testing Methodology

  • Load Testing Definitions - Methodology Introduction

    Methodology 5 minutes

    Introduction to our course on Load Testing Methodology: the agenda, an overview of the main concepts, and load test definitions.

  • How To Load Test - Methodology Introduction

    Methodology 6 minutes

    Focus on why and how to run proper load tests. Plus the importance of realistic performance tests and a note on risk based testing.

  • Load Test early - Methodology Introduction

    Methodology 5 minutes

    On the importance of load testing early using agile methodology and continuous integrations (to compare key performance indicators).

  • Load testing process - Methodology Introduction

    Methodology 7 minutes

    First overview of a complete load testing process: preparation (load test qualification sheet), design, execution, analysis and reporting.

  • Objectives - Load Testing Preparations

    Methodology 7 minutes

    A chapter about load testing Objectives. Why they are so important to cover risks. And also how to define proper objectives.

  • Skillset - Load Testing Preparations

    Methodology 7 minutes

    A look at the required skillset for load testing. The perfect occasion to look into how you can get help during your tests.

  • Environment - Load Testing Preparations

    Methodology 6 minutes

    Selecting the proper environment to load test is the key to get meaningful results. Let’s see what we can do about that.

  • Test plan - Load Testing Preparations

    Methodology 5 minutes

    Discussion on the load test plan and why you should always make one. What kind of information should it contain for a proper performance test?

  • Virtual users - Methodology Design

    Methodology 5 minutes

    Overview of the different virtual user types and a short comparison between client based testing and protocol testing

  • Recording - Methodology Design

    Methodology 5 minutes

    This time we discuss how to create a virtual user and what external ressources make sense to test

  • Variables - Methodology Design

    Methodology 4 minutes

    A look at the variable types we can use to make our test scenarios more realistic.

  • Advanced design - Methodology Design

    Methodology 3 minutes

    We discuss how we can make our test scripts more realistic, using correlations and logic actions.

Load Testing With JMeter

All our JMeter trainings are available in the JMeter category of OctoPerf's blog.