OctoPerf Video Tutorials

Learn to use OctoPerf Load Testing tool by viewing a series of six short video tutorials (three to six minutes each). OctoPerf's very short learning curve is made even easier.

  • Recording your first Virtual User

    Recording 4 minutes

    Using OctoPerf and Fiddler, learn how to record HTTP/HTTPS traffic in order to simulate the dynamic journey of a visitor through your web application.

  • Designing your first dynamic VU

    Design 6 minutes

    Using CSV variables, Regular Expression Variable Extractors and Correlation Rules, learn how to convert a simple Virtual User to a dynamic and realistic one.

  • Advanced Virtual User design

    Design 6 minutes

    Learn how to make your Virtual Users even more realistic thanks to Response Assertions and Logic Actions such as loops and conditions.

  • Load testing behind the firewall

    On Premise 3 minutes

    Learn how to configure an OctoPerf on-premise provider and install a local load testing and monitoring agent on Windows, MacOs or Linux using Docker.

  • Configuring a monitoring connection

    Monitoring 3 minutes

    Learn how to configure a monitoring connection in order to collect server-side metrics and correlate them with test metrics in the same report.

  • Running a load test to get a live report

    Analysis 7 minutes

    Learn how to configure and launch a load test in OctoPerf in order to get a clear and meaningful live report that can be branded and exported.