Integrate Continuous Testing Seamlessly into Your Development Cycle

Automate Your Testing Workflow with OctoPerf's Advanced Policies.

Assess your software quality at every stage of the development lifecycle. Identify bugs, vulnerabilities and performance issues as early as possible. Remediate effectively and deliver faster.

Why Continuous Testing Matters

Enhance the efficiency and output of your development team:


Faster Release Times

Resolve issues faster, reduce testing time and push updates and features more frequently.


Higher Quality Products

Ensure thorough testing through a reliable process that exceeds quality standards.


Reduced Costs and Resources

Enjoy lower cost to serve by fixing bugs and issues early in the development process and freeing your resources.

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Better User Satisfaction

Foster a positive user experience to increase adoption and turn your users into your champions..

OctoPerf’s Continuous Testing Capabilities

Easily run your continuous tests with Octoperf:

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Circle 2
Circle 3
OctoPerf Rocket
Apache Maven
GitHub GitHub
Azure Devops
Circle CI Circle CI
Bamboo CI
Atlassian Jira

Automated Testing

  • Integrate tests with your CI/CD tool of choice
  • Trigger tests automatically based on actions or timelines
  • Enjoy no-touch agility and testing speed
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Hits and response time line chart Hits and response time line chart
Top response time bar chart Top response time bar chart
Traffic donut chart Traffic donut chart

Failure Criteria Policies

  • Define performance metrics thresholds
  • Define policies like stopping, stopping next VU and continuing
  • Prevent performance regressions from impacting the user
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Load Test analysis

Actionable Insights

  • View test results in granular reports
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks or breaking points
  • Prioritize fixes to improve system performance
  • Compare reports and identify patterns and trends
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Integrating OctoPerf into Your Development Cycle


CI/CD Integrations

Automate and shift left your load testing. Octoperf integrates with your CI/CD tool of choice Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, Circle CI, and any maven compatible CI/CD server.


Customization and Flexibility

Tailor your scripts to reflect real user behavior. You can easily simulate user interactions, think times, network conditions and more. Advanced configuration allow for further flexibility like think times, failure thresholds, pacing and more.


Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor live tests in real-time and gain information of the test, servers, databases, operating systems and more. Performance can be viewed at a granular level, including response times, error rates and throughput, for detailed insights so you can take relevant action. Plus, receive instant alerts on your test status directly within your preferred platforms, such as Slack, Teams, Jira, and more.

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