Ensure Your Platform Stands Strong Under Increased Loads

Scalable Load Testing for Black Friday, Tax Season, and Beyond.

Load testing ensures your website and applications are robust, reliable and capable of handling traffic loads effectively. By assessing performance under simulations of concurrent users, you can identify bottlenecks and performance thresholds. Finding and fixing these issues will ensure a good user experience in production.

Why load test?
  • Avoid costly downtimes, which can lead to direct financial losses, damage to brand reputation, and diminished user trust.
  • Optimize and scale for business growth and evolving user demands.
  • Anticipate future traffic peaks for large events.
Load-Testing strategies

OctoPerf’s Load Testing Winning Ingredients

Octoperf stands out in the load testing ecosystem as the tool of choice for enterprise teams:


OctoPerf scales effortlessly to simulate thousands to millions of concurrent users distributed across global locations. Ensure your application can handle peak loads without compromising performance or user experience.

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Digital Ocean
OctoPerf Rocket


Whether you prefer the power and scalability of cloud-based testing or the control and security of on-premise testing, OctoPerf is flexible to meet your preferences.

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Cloud Load-Testing Locations Map Cloud Load-Testing Locations Map


OctoPerf allows creating tests that mimic real user behavior. Gain accurate insights into how your application behaves under various conditions to ensure your application is well-optimized for real-world use.

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Apache JMeter
Microsoft Playwright
Selenimum Web Driver
OctoPerf Rocket


Dive deep into user load, response time, connect time, latency, network time, throughput, errors, hits, assertions and more metrics to uncover the root causes of performance issues.

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Hits and response time line chart Hits and response time line chart
Top response time bar chart Top response time bar chart
Traffic donut chart Traffic donut chart

Preparing for Peak Events with OctoPerf

Load test with OctoPerf to get your platform ready for peak events.

Load-Testing for Black Friday

Black Friday

Simulate real customer purchase scenarios at scale to identify bottlenecks before Black Friday. Ensure a good buying experience to make the most out of the biggest sales event of the year.

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Prepare for Tax Season by Load-Testing

Tax Season

Simulate tax filing and financial record actions at speed and scale. Monitor for service degradation to provide visitors with a modern user experience.

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Simulate Ticket Sales with Performance Tests

Ticket Sales

Simulate the rush of users purchasing tickets when sales open. Ensure the website can handle queueing, load balancing and payments. The event excitement starts with a fair and smooth experience for all users.

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Getting Started with OctoPerf Load Testing

Octoperf load testing is extremely simple:



Sign up to Octoperf, it's free load testing!



Record your scenario, build a script using OctoPerf’s codeless scripting studio or upload a JMeter file.



Define the load strategy, geographical locations and test duration.



Execute the test, it's simple as pressing the Launch button!



Analyze results during or after the test and optimize.

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