Secure, Simple and Cost-Effective Load Testing On-Premises

On-premises load testing with OctoPerf enables your enterprise to regain full control of your testing, while maintaining the highest security standards

Why On-Premises Load Testing with OctoPerf

True On Premise

Have your own on premise testing platform for a fraction of the cost. Simple license setup.


Protect your data and assets from external cloud threats.

Own Everything

Host your own OctoPerf server in house and install as many load generators as required. Maintain autonomy over the testing environment.


Share projects and results across your organization through a common web interface without controller limitation.


Grow your testing with your business with a tailored testing solution. Launch as many concurrent tests as you wish.

Integration Ease

Easily connect to your existing systems and applications.


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Key Features and Capabilities

Unlimited Testing - More flexible than legacy

Hassle free license management, with no "protocols" or "controllers" limitation.

With every license you get an unlimited:

  • Number of tests,
  • Monitors,
  • Number of controllers / concurrent tests.

OctoPerf On-Premise only works thanks to a single license file.

Full Control - In-house performance center

By hosting your own OctoPerf On-Premise server you get the best of a cloud-based solution internally:

  • Host your own database,
  • Smoothly update and maintain everything using Docker,
  • Easily add/remove load injectors on the fly to control your infrastructure costs.

OctoPerf On-Premise can be installed and maintained without extensive infrastructure knowledge, thanks to Docker.

Collaboration Tools

As most companies shift left with their testing, OctoPerf provides a centralized web interface for all teams to collaborate:

  • Web UI accessible to every browser,
  • Advanced rights management,
  • Share Virtual Users design & load tests results.

Even teammates working from home or other offices can contribute to the tests. Administrators can give access to specific projects or load injector providers.

How On-Premises Testing with Octoperf Works

3 steps to on-premises testing with Octoperf:



A 5-minute process accomplishable for both experienced and inexperienced users.


Getting Started

Login, setup the Octoperf agent and configure settings.



Create and run your load tests with OctoPerf.

OctoPerf On-Premise Architecture
More information can be found in the documentation.

How SNCF replaced performance center and JMeter with OctoPerf.

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